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MesaLabs Bios DryCal Defender & FlexCal Primary Flow Calibrator | DryCal Pro Software

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MesaLabs | Bios Defender 510/520 with Drycal technology

Bios Defender 510 & 520 Calibrators | Volumetric Flow Measurement

Defender 510 and 520 calibrators are true primary flow meters and immune to flow source pulsation without the need for in-line dampers.  The Defender Series is more accurate and more repeatable than the older DryCal DC-Lite and DryCal DC-2.  Volumetric flow units may be set to ml, l, cc, or cf.  The Defender calibrators can be set to take individual readings, continuous hands-free readings, or set to read in user selectable time intervals. They can also be set to include up to one hundred readings in a group average.  Used for calibrating personal or environmental sampling pumps used in Industrial Hygiene, Environmental, Health and Safety abd monitoring for OSHA respirable dust, lead, asbestos, and mold applications.

MesaLabs | Bios Defender 530 with Drycal technology

Bios Defender 530+ Calibrator | Volumetric & Standardized Flow Measurements

The Defender 530+, with the ability to take both volumetric and standardized readings, is the latest addition to the popular Defender 510 and 520 line of Bios DryCal primary flow calibrators. Automatic correction of readings for temperature and pressure, rather than merely recording of ambient conditions, is essential for many applications such as calibrating mass flow meters and PM10 and PM2.5 environmental samplers. Took the place of the Definer 220 series calibrator with flow rates from 5 cc to 30 liters and an accuracy of 1% percent for readings standardized for temperature and pressure and 0.75% in volumetric flow.

MesaLabs FlexCal Precision Primary Flow Calibrator | Volumetric & Standardized Flow Measurements

The MesaLabs FlexCal series calibrator is a precision primary flow calibrator with flow ranges from 5ccm to 50 LPM with both volumetric and standardized flow measurement accuracy of 0.5% of the reading. An economical option for small analytical laboratories, research & development organizations, manufacturers and calibration labs that may not need the 0.15% accuracy of the DryCal 800 series calibrators.

MesaLabs | DryCal Pro Software with Computer Data Entry Screen

       DryCal Pro Software

The DryCal Pro software allows for automatic recording and graphing of flow measurements. It is available for download at no charge.


MesaLabs Bios Defender 510, 520, 530 primary flow calibrators | DryCal Technology, Definer 220

All Instruments are manufactured and calibrated by MesaLabs accredited to the ISO 17025, ANSI Z540, and NIST Handbook 150 standards. Traceability to the International System of Units (SI) and NIST is verified by accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025.

MesaLabs CE Mark Approval Logo

MesaLabs products are CE-approved, and test to the EMI standard (electromagnetic interference).

MesaLabs products are in accordance with Directive 89/336/EEC, and conform to the following standards:

NF EN 61000-4-2-CEI 801-2
NF EN 61000-4-4-CEI 801-4
NF EN 55022
NF C 46-022-CEI 801-3


The DryCal DC-Lite and the DryCal DC-2 have been discontinued and superseded by the DryCal Defender 510, 520 & 530+ series of calibrators. MesaLabs will continue to support customers using DryCal DC-Lite with calibration & service until further notice. Effective January 1, 2018 all support for the DryCal DC-1 and DC-2 ended.   Download the document below and use the contact information on the bottom of this page to obtain additional information.

DC-1 & DC2 End of Life Support Announcement

MesaLabs | Bios Definer 220 Primary Gas Flow Calibrator for Standardized Flow Verification
                               Replaced by the Defender 530+ with DryCal® Technology

Bios Definer™ 220  Effective January 16th, 2017, Mesa Labs discontinued the Definer 220. The Definer 220 has been directly replaced by the new Defender 530+. Mesa will continue to accept RMAs for service and calibration of the Definer 220 dependent on the availability of parts.

MesaLabs Bios DryCal DC-Lite Air Flow Calibrator.
Replaced by the Defender 510 with DryCal® Technology

Bios DryCal DC-Lite® Air Flow Calibrator Employed "frictionless" dry piston technology in rugged, pocketbook sized Air Flow Calibrator that is NIST traceable, true primary standard, even under field conditions. The Bios DryCal DC-Lite had five flow ranges of 10 to 500 ml/min,  50 ml/min to 2 L/min, 100 ml/min to 7 L/min, 20 ml/min to 20 L/min, 500 ml/min to 30 L/min.

January 2017 Note: MesaLabs will continue to support the DC-Lite series of calibrators with service and calibration. Please note that once the limited number of repair parts such as main boards are no longer in stock, your calibrator will not be able to be repaired.

BIOS DryCal NEXUS  STP Correction, Data Storage and PC Communication Link BIOS Dry Cal NEXUS
Replaced by the Defender 520 with DryCal® Technology

Bios DryCal NEXUS® STP Correction, Data Storage and PC Communication Link The NEXUS was used with a DryCal-Lite for datalogging of calibration flow data, date and time stamping, employee ID, pump and sample ID, and optionally correction of flow rates to Standard Temperature and Pressure conditions for mass flow calculations. Nexus provided critical "chain of custody" continuity and logged information transmitted to PC via RS232 (serial) link.
BIOS DryCal DC-2 Air Flow Calibrator Dry Cal DC-2
Replaced by the Defender 530+ with DryCal® Technology

Bios DryCal DC-2®  Air Flow Calibrator The DC-2 employed Bios' well known "frictionless" dry-piston technology in a rugged instrument that automatically corrected flow rates to Standard Temperature and Pressure Conditions (STP) suitable for field calibration of air sampling and mass flow monitoring instruments. Data could be logged using a PC via serial cable (RS232) or hard copy obtained from a printer (parallel port). 

    End of Life Service Support Announcement




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