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Otis Instruments Industrial Commercial Fixed Point Remote Gas Detection Systems, Wired or WireFree Sensors, Transmitters, Monitors, Receivers, Repeaters, Data Loggers

   Otis Instruments GEN II Product Catalog

Otis Instruments OI-6000K Non Exploxion-Proof Single Gas Fixed Gas Detction System

Otis Instruments OI-6000K Single Point Remote Gas Detection System

The Otis Instruments Model OI-6000K Gen II ambient air remote gas sensor assembly is a 2-relay wired sensor assembly that uses a Catalytic Bead, Electro-Chemical, PID, or Infrared sensor element to detect a variety of gases.  Configurable with integrally mounted sensor, wired or WireFree™ remote sensor and choice of alarm lights and/or horn. Non explosion-proof.

Otis Instruments OI-7432_4x2_Monitor-Controller

OI-7432 Monitor

Otis Instruments OI-7032_Multi-Channel-Monitor

OI-7032 Touch Screen Monitor

Otis Instruments Multi-Channel Monitors

Multi-channel monitors configurable with 2 to 64 channels for wired, WireFree™ or hybrid systems which can use a combination of both wired and wirefree remote sensors.  Will only work with OI-6000 sensors.  Radio line-of-sight of 5-7 miles for sensor communication.  Call us for details and help in designing your system.

Series 7400 Wired Controller Systems

OI-7420 ProSafe 4x2 Wired (4-20mA) 2 channel gas monitor / transmission controller
OI-7440 ProSafe 4x4 Wired (4-20mA) 1-4 channel monitor / transmission controller
OI-7480 ProSafe 4x8 Wired (4-20mA) 8 or 12 channel monitor / transmission controller
OI-7432 ProSafe 4x32 Wired (ModBus Interface) 32-channel gas monitor / transmission controller

Hybrid Systems for WireFreeRemote Sensors with 4 Optional Wired Sensor Channels
Up to 4 channels can be wired (4-20mA) gas sensors or add temp, tank level, or 3rd party sensors.

OI-7010 Hybrid Monitor with 32 channels
OI-7032 Touch-Screen Monitor with datalogging & trend chart, supports up to 32 WireFree™ sensors.

Otis Instruments OI-7543 4-Channel Remote  Sensor Montitor

OI-7543 6-Channel Monitor

WireFree Multi-Channel Monitors for Remote Sensor Assembly with Optional Alarm Lights & Horns

OI-7543 WireFree™ 6-channel receiver for WireFree™ remote sensors
OI-7500 WireFree™ 32-channel explosion-proof monitor

Otis Instruments OI-7530 Relay & Alarm  Combination

OI-7530 Relay-Alarm

Relayers & Receivers

OI-7530 Relayer: DC Powered 32-channel WireFree™ remote alarm & switching device.        
        Trigger strobes, alarms, horns; switches without wires & conduit.

OI-6000 Series Remote Sensor Assemblies

OI-6000 Series Wired Remote Sensor Assembly

Otis Instruments OI-6000 Sensor Assembly is an innovative wired gas detection system designed to monitor gas in hostile environments without the use of wires or conduit from the controller to the sensor.  The OI-6000 features 4-20mA (3-wire) & RS-485 Modbus outpust, and can be customized to offer relay and radio (900MHz or 2.4GHz for overseas use) options. Sensor assembly can use either Catalytic Bead, Electro-Chemical, PID, or Infrared sensor elements to detect a variety of gases.

Otis Instruments OI-6000-X-X-X-X-T wire-powered sensor assembly with optional radio and relays OI-6000 Series Non-Explosion Proof Wired Remote Sensor Assembly

The OI-6000-X-X-X-X-T is a non-explosion proof ambient air fixed point remote gas sensor assembly with a wired power (3-wire), 12-25 VDC voltage, sensor assembly that can use Catalytic Bead, Electro-Chemical, PID, or Infrared sensor elements to detect a variety of gases including O2, H2S, CO, LEL, SO2, NH3, Cl2, PH3 and other toxic gases. Available with optional radio and relays.
Otis Instruments OI-675 Series 2-Wire Electrochemical Toxic Gas Detector

OI-675 2-Wire Loop-Power Sensor Assembly

The OI-6975 is an ambient air fixed point remote gas sensor assembly with a two-wire loop-power sensor assembly that uses an electro-chemical sensor element to detect a variety of gases including O2, H2S, SO2, CO. Display wiith a three-button interface, non-intrusive magnetic switches, in an Otis-blue explosion-proof enclosure and a 4-20mA output. 

Otis Instruments OI-6900 WireFree Remote Gas Sensor Assembly

OI-6900 Dual-Battery-Powered WireFree™ Remote Sensor Assembly

The OI-6900 is designed to be self-contained with a 2-year maximum battery life depending on sensor type.  The remote sensor functions by transmitting radio wave messages to the OI-7010 (or any other Otis receiving controller).  The device has been designed to reject EMI and other forms of interference in order to prevent false gas readings.

Otis Instruments OI-6900-X-X-X-X-T-2B non-explosion proof dual-battery powered wirefree sensor assembly with radio and optional relays

OI-6900 Non-Explosion Proof Dual-Battery-Powered WireFree™ Sensor Assembly

The Otis Instruments OI-6900-X-X-T-2B non-explosion proof sensor assembly is an ambient air fixed point dual battery-powered WireFree remote sensor assembly. Uses an electrochemical element to detect a variety of gases including O2, LEL, H2S, CO, HCL, HCN, SO2, NH3, NH3A, Cl2, PH3 as well as other toxic gases.. Avaliable with optional relays. Dual-battery has a 2-Year maximum battery life.

Otis Instruments OI-6940 WireFree Exposion-Proof Remote GasSensor Assembly

OI-6940 Notis Quad WireFree™ Explosion-Proof 4-Gas Remote Sensor Assembly

OI-6940 Notis Quad is a battery-powered explosion-proof 4-gas remote sensor assembly that utilizes up to four sensors - Electrochemical or Low-Power Infrared - to detect an array of toxic gases in ambient air.  It is designed to be self-contained and last for up to 6 months using a 3.6V 76 Amp-Hour battery pack.  Sensor housing and enclosure are rated Class I, Division 1, Group C and D.  Non-intrusive setup and calibration is made possible by a proprietary Otis Instruments system.

Otis Instruments OI-5950 WireFree Switch-State Transmitter


OI-5950 WireFree Switch-State Transmitter

OI-5950 is a WireFree Switch-State Transmitter for use in conjunction with a new or existing WireFree system.  The OI-5950 receives signals from up to two individually addressable remote sensors (pressure switch, temperature sensor, flow sensor, tank level sensor, etc.), and then transmits the state of (and change of state of) that switch.

Otis Instruments OI-9900 Remote Signal Repeater

OI-9900 Signal Repeater

The Gen II WireFree Repeater OI-9900 is a wireless device that receives messages from a remoe sensor assembly and repeats the identical message to a receiver/monitor, allowing for greater distance between devices than with a sensor assembly/monitor setup alone.  The Repeater operates with 12-35 Volts DC, and is equipped with two antennas and two radios.   Application areas include pipelines, manufacturing plants, paper mills, food processing plants.


Otis Instruments OI-9100 WireFree Gen2  Wireless Remote Sensor Viewer

OI-9100 WireFree™ Gen II View

OI-9100 WireFree™ Gen II View hand-held signal strength meter is designed to display the status of any WireFree™ Gen II remote gas detection device within range. 4-line scrolling display shows channel, sensor type, reading, signal strength, Time Since Last Message (TSLM), and battery condition.

   WireFree GenII View Literature

Otis Instruments Multi_Channel Interface

OI-9850 WireFree Multi-Channel Interface

Engineered to accommodate the time-tested WireFree™ product line of Otis Instruments, the Interface OI-9850 is a 255 channel receiver that works with both Otis Gen I and Gen II WireFree™ Remote Sensor Assemblies displaying though a PLC, PC or other compatible monitor.

    WireFree Multi-Channel Interface Literature

Omniguard 860_Multispectrum Flame Detector

Omniguard 860
Multispectrum Flame Detector

Omniguard® 660, 760 and 860 IR, UV, and IR/UV Flame Detectors
     in self-contained, explosion-proof enclosure

The Omniguard by Firefly flame detectors are designed for use in a wide range of applications. The Omniguard Flame Detectors are available in UV, IR or UV/IR versions. The detectors are designed to detect unwanted fires and output appropriate alarm information. Feature an automatic self-test function to monitor the detector's ability to sense fires and report a fault condition when impaired.

Omniguard 660 UV flame detector for response to hydrocarbon (gasoline, propane, methane, alcohol, etc) and non-hydrocarbon (hydrogen, silane, hydrazine, magnesium, etc) flames. Available in applications with a maximum normal operating temperatures of 85C and a second which is capable of operating at a maximum sustained temperature of 125C. Wide 120 view with 3-year warranty.

Omniguard 760 Multi-spectrum infra-red (IR) flame detector senses infrared radiation in five discreet infrared (IR5) wavelengths for early fire detection for maximum protection of people, machinery and facilities. Wide 90 view with 5-year warranty.

Omniguard 860 UV-IR is available in two versions; one for hydrocarbon fires only and one for hydocarbon and certain non-hydorcarbon fires. Responsive to hydrocarbon (gasoline, propane, methane, alcohol, JP-4, JP-3, etc). Also responsive to non-hydrocarbon (hydrogen, silane, hydrazine, etc) flames when special dual-pass IR sensor is used. Is able to distinguish between real fire and non-fire events, providing superior false alarm immunity. Wide 120 view with 3-year warranty.

   Omniguard 660 UV Flame Detector SpecSheet
   Omniguard 760 IR5 Flame Detector SpecSheet
   Omniguard 860 IR/UV Flame Detector SpecSheet
   Omniguard 660-860 Flame Detector Manual
   Omniguard 760 Flame Detector Manual

Otis Instruments Explosion-Proof Horn

For additional accessories & options:  Accessories

Otis Single Gas Detector

Otis Instruments TriLite Gas Detection Alarm Light


WARNING! Otis Instruments equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions.
Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatalities.


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