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Gasco Precision Calibration & Bump Gases
Gas Detectors, IAQ Monitors
Environmental Meters or Laboratory Instruments

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Calibration gas cylinders with stable, reactive or non-reactive gas mixtures for calibration & bump testing of gas detection or research instrumentation

Calibration gases -

Single and multiple gas mixtures for calibration or bump testing of confined space detectors, hazardous gas meters or laboratory instruments: (oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, flammable, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, ammonia, ethylene, ethylene oxide, Freon, hexane, pentane, methane, butane, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen, zero air, phosphine, silane, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, propane, propylene, benzene, toluene, isobutylene) in air or nitrogen balance.

Equivalent Honeywell, RAE Systems, BW Technologies, Biosystems, 3-M Scott Safety, MSA, Industrial Scientific, RKI Eagle, Draeger, GfG, Quest, Otis Instruments, Sensidyne, Dynamation, Gas Tech, Crowcon, Calgaz, Gas Clip, IST-AIM

Calibration Calibration gas can be supplied in 10L, 34L, 58L, 74L, 103, 116L, 600L liter disposable aluminum, the 17L, 34LS, 103L, 221L and 552L liter disposable steel cylinders and 6" disposable Mini-Gas BumpIT cylinders. Also available in the 34ES, 44ES, 58ES, 66ES, 105ES, 116ES, 650ES liter refillable ecosmart cylinders.

Fixed flow & demand flow pressure regulators, flow matching valves, cylinder carrying cases, vinyl or Teflon tubing.

Featured Products Gasco ecosmart refillable calibration gas cylinders available in three sizes

ecosmart cylinders prevent landfill waste, eliminate disposal fees or regulatory paperwork

Gasco ecosmart 44-ES refillable cylinders


44 Liter Calibration Gas Cylinders

Same size as a 34 liter cylinder -
but with 10 more liters of gas


Gasco ecosmart 66-ES refillable cylinders

66 Liter Calibration Gas Cylinders

Same size as a 34 liter cylinder -
with 10 more liters of gas than a 58 liter cylinder!

Gasco ecosmart 116-ES refillable cylinders


116 Liter Refillable Calibration Gas Cylinders

Go Green!

Same size as a 58 liter cylinder -
but 100% more capacity for pure or mixed gases.

Gasco BumpIT Bump Gas Cylinder

Mini-Gas Cylinder

Disposable 6" mini-gas cylinder designed for "Bump Testing" or quick checking of any brand gas detection equipment.

  • xLight and portable to carry
  • xNon-hazardous for cost effective shipping
  • x30 bumps per cylinder
  • xAvailable in many mixtures
  • xNo regulator needed

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