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IR Thermal Imagers

IrDA Printer

Pocket Pro


testo Thermal Imaging Cameras
875, 876, 822 & 875

testo Pocket Pro Meters

The testo 875-881 Thermal Imagers and the new 876 Thermal Imager and 882 Thermal Imager use the latest technology for building and industrial thermography for conducting building, production and technical diagnostics. They offer

  • user friendly one-hand operation
  • a crystal clear 3.5" display
  • data management with testo IRSoft software package
  • wide field of vision, high temperature option

testo pocket pro digital manometers anempmeters hygrometers ir temp

The testo Pocket Pro meters are mini-powerhouses of measurement capability for HVAC and building maintenance.

  • Air Velocity - vane anemometer
  • Temperature - material/surface (IR) and air
  • Optical tachometers - RPM
  • Humidity and dew point
  • Light intensity - Lux, Foot-candle
  • Pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure
  • Material moisture - wood, composites, concrete
  • Borescopes with video output

Indoor Air Quality, Building Comfort Surveys, HVAC Diagnostics

Testo 435 IAQ Meters

testo 435 IAQ Monitors

testo 435 family of instruments can monitor and record critical Indoor Air Quality parameters using wired and wireless probes to monitor atmospheric CO2, air velocity, relative humidity (dew point), temperature, absolute pressure, differential pressure, volumetric flow, and illumination intensity.

testo 416 Vanae Anemometer

testo 416-417 Vane Anemometers

Telescoping probe for: air velocity, volumetric flow, provides min/max/average.

testo 425 Hot Wire Anemometers

Telescoping probe extendable to 33 inches, displays temperature, air flow, volume flow (cfm), min, max & average measurements.

Testo 521-526 Series Multifuction Micromanometers

testo 521-526 Series Multifunction Micromanometer

The testo 521-526 series multifunction meter with the built-in micromanometer is configured for differential pressure measurements in the HVAC range of 0 to 40" wg (0-100 hPa). The meter has nine user selectable display pressure units: in H2O, mbar, hPa, bar, Pa, kPa, mm H2O, torr and psi. Flexibility is enhanced as additional probes can be connected via 2 user defined probe sockets.

Testo 535 CO2 carbon dioxide meter

testo 535 CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Monitor

The testo 535 measures CO2 for indoor air quality (IAQ) surveys. Poor air quality in rooms can lead to tiredness, lack of concentration and illness (Sick Building Syndrome)

testo 535 CO2 Carbon Dioxide  Meter

testo 317-3 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Stick

The testo 317-3 CO meter detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air from gas furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances or equipment. Signals the user of dangerous gas concentrations with both visual and audible alarms.

Teswto 545 light meter

testo 545 Light Meter

The testo 545 light meter checks lighting levels and can quantify the luminous intensity in the workplace, hospitals, offices or schools.  It can verify if the lighting meets specific minimum guidelines and provides information on the uniformity of the lighting.


Digital Manometers

testo 635 Thermohygrometers

testo 625 Thermohygrometers

The testo 625 simultaneously displays temperature and %RH or dew point - suitable for monitoring work-area comfort conditions, IAQ parameters, HVAC and manufacturing areas requiring humidity and temperature control.

Probe configuration options include using the probe head on a cable and extended handle, and a wireless probe.

testo 512-Series Portable Digital Manometers

The testo 512 series has 4 different pressure & velocity meters.

  • display 6 switchable units: hPa/mbar, mm H2O, mm Hg, psi, in H2O, in Hg
  • 2 switchable velocity units, m/s, fpm
  • ±0.5 % full-scale value / ± 1 digit and integral density compensation

Testo 521 digital micromanometer

testo 521/526 Series Multifunction Digital Manometers

The testo 521 with built-in micromanometer is configured for pressure ranges from 0 to 80" H2O (0 to 2000 hPa). Accuracy to 0.05 % of full scale

  • 6 switchable units: in H2O, mbar, bar, hPa, Pa, kPa, mm H2O, torr, psi
  • 2 additional probes can be connected


Testo 465 non-contact optical tachometer

testo 465 non-contact optical tachometer

The testo 465 is a non-contact optical tachometer. Measures rpm by attaching a reflector to the object to be measured, pointing the red light beam at the reflector and measuring. Max/Min and last reading.

testo 470 dual-function non-contact  optical/mechanical RPM tachometer

testo 470 Dual-Function Non-Contact Optical/Mechanical Contact RPM Tachometer

The testo 470 is a combination of optical & mechanical rpm measurement. Optical measurements become a mechanical measurement by simply attaching an adapter for a probe tip or surface speed disk.

Testo 476 Pocket Stroboscope

testo 476 Pocket Strobe™

The testo 476 Pocket Strobe™ handheld stroboscope measures and checks rotation and vibration movements. It facilitates the measurement of very small objects or in hard-to-access places.


testo 922 Dual Input Type K Thermocouple
Differential Thermometer

The differential thermometer records temperature values from 2 connected probes & displays them simultaneously. The reading from an additional temperature probe can also be wirelessly displayed in the testo 922 measuring instrument.

Testo type 110 thermometer

testo 110 Thermometer

The testo 110 is a highly accurate single channel thermometer. A wide range of thermistor probes are available, plus the 110 can be easily upgraded with a wireless NTC temperature probe. The optional TopSafe makes the 110 an ideal instrument for food, applications, as well as laboratory and refrigeration/freezing applications. 

testo 805 Mini Infrared Thermometer

testo's 805 Mini Infrared Thermometer

testo's 805 Mini Infrared Thermometer is an infrared, non contact, thermometer ideally suited for use in the food industry, applications requiring frequent "on-the-spot" temperature checks and checks of heat and cold leakage. 

Testo 830 IR Non-Contact thermometer

testo 830 Laser Targeted Infrared Thermometers 

IR thermometer with 1 or 2 point laser sights (real measurement point), 12:1 focus, adjustable limit values, alarm function and Type K thermocouple probe connection.

Testo 905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer

testo 905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer

The testo 905-T2 is a professional, low cost, high quality surface thermometer. The dual sprung band measuring head guarantees a very quick response and a highest accuracy as the probe conforms to uneven surfaces.

testo 174 and 175-T3 2-Channel Temperature Data Loggers

Testo 174 Mini Temperature Data Logger

testo 174mini temperature data logger

Large display with a capacity of 3900 readings. Shows current reading, maximum and minimum values, programmed limit values or remaining battery life in days. Downloaded data can be viewed in table format and can be saved and printed.

testo 175 temperature, humidity & current/voltage dataloggers

testo 175 temperature, humidity data loggers

Datalog 2 different points simultaneously over a period of several days, weeks or even months. The logger provides fast documentation of e.g. temperature fluctuations in industrial processes. Surface, immersion and air probes are available for a wide range of applications.

testo IrDA Wireless (Infrared) Printer

Testo IrDA Wireless Printer

testo IrDA Wireless (IR) Printer

IrDA printer with infrared interface saves time since it stores the print data before printing it. 
Data is sent within two seconds. 


IR Thermal Imagers

IrDA Printer

Pocket Pro


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