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Testo 175 Series Dual Channel Temperature, Humidity, Current Loggers

testo 175 Series
Single & Dual Channel Dataloggers
Temperature and/or Humidity

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testo 175 data loggers for  temperature and  humidity


testo 175 Series Dataloggers
Single & Dual Channel
Temperature - Humidity

The testo 175 series consists of four compact data loggers for the measurement of temperature and humidity.  All testo 175 data loggers have a USB and an SD card interface, making readout of the data fast and easy.  The considerably higher memory capacity and the power supply using conventional batteries are further plus points of the new products.  It goes without saying that the proven one-button menu structure, which offers absolute operating convenience, has been retained in the new generation of data loggers.

Key Features of the testo 175 loggers

 Two standard interfaces (mini USB and SD card) allow easy programming and readout of the loggers
          via direct connection to the PC.  Additional interface for the readout is not required.

 Large display for non-problematic reading of measurement data even in badly lit rooms

 Backlighting at the press of a button

 Longer battery life due to improved energy management

 Loggers can record data without interruption for up to 8 years

 The large memory of the 175 loggers of up to 2 million measurement values means
        the loggers need to be read out considerable less often

  Password protection prevents changes by unauthorized persons

  Data security thanks to non-volatile memory even when the batteries are low or spent


0572 1751 testo 175 T1 1-channel temp logger with internal NTC sensor

0572 1752 testo 175 T2 2-channel temp logger with internal NTC and external sensor connection for NTC probe

0572 1753 testo 175 T3 2-channel temp logger with external thermocouple connections (Type K,T)

0572 1754 testo 175 H1 2-channel temp/RH logger with external connected temp-humidity sensor


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testo 175 data loggers used in  food refigeration

175 Used in Refigeration

testo 175 data loggers used in libraries

175 Used In Libraries

testo 175 data loggers used in offices

175 Used in Offices



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