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Testo 905-T2 Mini-Surface Thermometer

testo 905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer

Testo 905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer
Testo 905-T2 Mini Surface Thermometer Measuring
Servicing electrical products
(cooking surfaces, irons, radiators)

The testo 905-T2 is a professional, low cost, high quality surface thermometer. The dual sprung band measuring head guarantees a very quick response and a highest accuracy as the probe conforms to uneven surfaces

Advantages at a glance

  Super-quick measurement with readouts in C / F
  User-friendly operation
  Auto OFF function
  Spring loaded thermocouple adapts itself to uneven surfaces
  Swivel head enables display to be read from any angle
  Large, easy to read display
  Temperature readout: -60 to +930°F

Kit Description
Part No.
905-T2, Surface STICK with spring loaded probe, incl. multifunction clip, battery 0560 9056

testo 905-T2 Technical Data

Storage temperature -4.0...158.0 °F
Operating temperature 32.0...104.0 °F
Battery type 3V button cell (CR 2032)
Battery life 150.0 hours
Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 0.0 x 5.85 x 0.0 in
Sensor - Probe Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Temperature -58.0 ... 930.0 °F
Response Time 5.0 - t99
Accuracy +/-1.0% of mv (-58.0 ... 930.0 °F)
Resolution +/-0.1 °F (-58.0 ... 930.0 °F)

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