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Testo 465 Non-Contact optical Tachometer

testo 465 Non-Contact Optical Tachometer

Testo 465 Non-Contact Tachometers
The testo 465 is a non-contact optical tachometer. Easily measure RPM by simply attaching a reflector to the object to be measured, point the visible, red light beam at the reflector and measuring

   Saves mean/maximum value, and last reading
Easy one-hand operation
Max/Min function
   Auto off


RPM measurement of shaft
RPM measurement of rollers
Turbine and pump
Testo 465 Non-Contact Tachometers Testo 465 Non-Contact Tachometer Measuring Shaft RPM
                         Example of rpm measurement of fans and shafts


testo 465 Optical Tach Technical Specifications

Measuring Range 1 to 99.999 rpm
Resolution ±0.01 rpm (+1... +99.99 rpm)

±0.1 rpm (+100...+999.9 rpm)

±1 rpm (+1000...99999.0rpm)

Distance from object 14 inches Max (350mm)
Accuracy ±0.02% of measured value + 1 digit
Sensor Optically with modulated light beam
Auto Off 30 seconds (average, maximum and last value measured are saved)
Storage temperature -4.0 to 158.0 °F
Operating temperature 32.0 to 122.0 °F
Battery type 2 AA batteries, 1.5 v batteries 
Weight 5.08 oz
Dimensions 144 x 58 x 20mm

 Pricing Effective 1-1-13. Subject to change without notice

Part #

465 Tachometer Kit Description

0563 0465 465 tachometer including manual, and batteries
0554 0493 1 Package - Reflectors, self-adhesive, 5/pck, each 20" / 150mm long



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