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testo 875-881 Thermal Imager Cameras

Portable Infrared Imagers For Residential,
Commercial & Industrial Applications

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testo 875 & 881
Thermal IR Cameras

The testo 875/881 thermal imagers, use infrared radiation, for conducting building, production & technical diagnostics. They can provide a full thermal picture & real images of buildings, equipment, process lines, plants, electrical systems and machines. They help pinpoint problems with ease & accuracy utilizing a non-contact imaging system.

The testo 875 and 881 IR imagers
let you actually see the heat…

• that seeps through walls, doors and windows due to poor construction, insulation or design;
• from a faulty electrical circuit about to fail or cause a fire;
• from friction in a failing bearing of a motor or compressor;
• or from the cooling created by moisture trapped in a wall or floor that starts mold growt

Features at a glance

• Display hidden problems in vivid detail
• Record thermal and optional visual images simultaneously
• Thermal resolution 0.1°C (testo 875) and <0.08°C (testo 881)
• Intuitive drop down menu structure with 5 way joystick control
• Image refresh rate: 33 Hz (testo 881) and 9 Hz (testo 875)
• Large display and wide field of view (320)
• Interchangeable lenses for flexibility 32° standard, 9° telephoto lenses
• Minimum focus distance - 4"
• Storage on 1 GB SD memory card - holds 1000 images (included)

• Meets or exceeds BPI/RESNET standards for performance testing

Each series come in different instrument configurations with a range of functions and features tailored to the respective area of application.

testo 875

testo model 875 - Thermal Imager for
Electrical Components, Industrial Equipment, Commercial & Residential Building Diagnostics & More

Building Thermography Industrial Thermography
• Isolate cold air leaks
• Insulation voids
• Roof seepage
• Mold conditions
• Plumbing or other water leaks

• Overheating motors
• Blocked condenser coils
• Hot breakers & connections
• Malfunctioning steam traps
• Plumbing leaks
• Air duct leaks

IR Image: Air Duct Leaks

Air Duct Leak

IR Image:  Fan Motor Windings

Fan Motor Windings

IR Image:  Electrical Switchgear

Electrical Switchgear

IRSoft Image Processing Software

The IRSoft professional report writing software facilitates comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the thermograms and is a fast and easy way to analyze the images and document the findings from every jobs.

  • Analyze and document multiple images at the same time
  • Create customized report templates
  • Copy images and photos for inclusion in documents and presentations
  • Correct emissivity for selected image areas for accurate temperature display
  • Highlight isotherms or limit values on processed images
 testo 881-3 Sample Report


testo 875 & 881 View of Imagers

testo 875 and 881 Imagers

testo 875 & 881 Thermal Imager
Kit Configurations

The testo 875 has been designed for performing building thermography by HVAC and Weatherization professionals. It is available in two versions:

  •   testo 875-1i: NETD 100 mK basic imager with manual focus.
  •   testo 875-2i: Adds an integral digital cameras

The testo 881 series has been designed for industrial thermography conducted by predictive and preventative maintenance professionals. It is available in two versions:

  •  testo 881-1: NETD < 80 Mk imager with integral digital camera.
  •  testo 881-3: Adds dynamic motor focus, protective lens, voice recording, Isotherm display, power LEDs, optional high temperature measurement (1022Ί F,

The NETD indicates the smallest possible temperature difference that can be resolved by the imager. A low NETD guarantees the resolution of the smallest temperature differences. The smaller this value is, the better the measurement resolution of the imager.

                           Download 875-881 Specifications

Testo 875-1
(0560 8754)

Testo 875-2
(0560 8753)

Testo 875-2 Set
(0563 8753)


• NETD 100 Mk or 0.10ΊC All the features of 875-1plus: Adds:

testo 875-2i Delixe Kit View

testo 875-2 Set

High-quality wide standard lens 32° x 23° • Integrated digital camera Telephoto lens 9° x 7°
Auto Hot/Cold spot indicator   • Protective lens
Manual focus for sharp image resolution   Extra battery
Temperature range -4 to +536° F (-20 to +280° C)   Two-bay charger
• 9 Hz refresh rate   Sun shield

Testo 881
Standard Features

Testo 881-2
(0563 0881 75)

Testo 881-2 Set
(0563 0881 76)

• NETD < 50 Mk 881-2 Includes: Adds

testo 881-3 Deluxe Kit View

testo 881-2 Set

• High-quality wide standard lens 32° x 23° Protective lens telephoto lens 9° x 7°
• Integrated digital camera • Isotherm display • Dynamic motor focus
• Auto Hot/Cold spot indicator • Power LEDs • Voice recording
• Manual focus   Min/Max on area measurement
• Temperature range -4 to +662°F (-20 to +350° C)   • Optional high temp measurements to 550°
• 33 Hz refresh rate   extra battery
    two-bay charger
    -Soft sided shoulder case with strap

Note: All imagers are delivered in a rugged case and include professional software, 1 GB SD card, USB cable, power supply, Li-Ion rechargeable battery and tripod adapter.

testo 875-876-881-882 Accessories

0554 8801 Two-Bay Fast Charger Desktop fast charger for two batteries
0554 8802 Additional Battery Additional Lithium-ion battery to prolong operating time
0554 8804 Aluminum Tripod Professional, extremely light and stable aluminum tripod with quick release legs and 3-way tripod head
0554 8805 Lens Protection Glass Special protective glass made of germanium, for optimum protection against dust and scratches
0554 8814 Sunshield Protective sunshield with shoulder strap
0554 0051 Emissivity Tape Adhesive tape e.g. for reflective surfaces
Telephoto Lens Please contact customer service
High Temperature Filter Measure to 1022°F for 881-3 only. Installed only by service department.


testo 875-881 IR Camera Accessories

testo 875/881 Accessories

IR Image: Detecting Insulation Voids

Detecting Insulation Voids

IR Image: Pull-Down Attic Stairs

Pull-down Attic Stairs

IR Image:  Exterior Door Air Leaks

Exterior Door Air Leaks


Literature Downloads

testo 875-881 Building Applications Brochure|
testo Building Brochure (2.2 MB)

testo 875-881 Industrial Applications Brochure

testo Industrial Brochure (1.4 MB)

Download excerpt from: "Testo Pocket Guide to Thermography"

Contact us to order the complete Pocket Guide

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Software Kit Configurations Accessories


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