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testo 876 Thermal Imaging Camera for Diagnostic Thermography & Photography. Connect to Testo Index Page

testo 876 Thermal Imager Cameras

Portable Infrared Imagers For Residential,
Commercial & Industrial Applications

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NEW!  testo 876
Thermal Imager Cameras

the thermal imager with the
flexible camcorder design

The thermal imager testo 876 stands out thanks to its large rotatable display. This allows you to keep the display in view when thermographing while turned in any position, thereby securely reaching every corner. Thanks to exchangeable lenses, you can guarantee that you always have the right image section in your display.

                         For you, that means: You see more and have more flexibility when thermographing!

testo 876 thermal imager with the rotating display

                                                                testo model 876 Thermal Imaging Camera

Find heat related problems quickly and easily with the 876 thermal imager. Discover insulation voids, faulty air seals around doors, windows and framing joints, and hidden wet areas from leaky plumbing or roofing, quickly and easily. In industrial settings, see worn bearings, hot electrical switchgear components and connections, and malfunctioning steam traps. Testo Thermal Imagers help identify problems before they create unplanned machinery outages and costly production downtime.

Nine Most Important testo 876 Advantages

testo 876 Specifications
& Kit Configurations

testo 876 Thermal Camera Important Advantages
  1. The fold-out flexible camcorder design, with the articulating 3.5" LCD display, provides you with a clear view in any position when themographing.

  2. High image quality of NETD < 80 mK: Thanks to a temperature resolution of < 80 mK, even the smallest temperature differences are visible with the testo 876.

  3. Exchangeable lenses (32x23 or 9x7): A wide-angle and an optional telephoto lens allow you to quickly adapt to the different sizes and distances of the objects being measured.

  4. Integrated digital camera: With the testo 876, you can store a real image of every measurement site parallel to the infrared image.

  5. One-handed motor focus: With the motor focus, you can focus any infrared image quickly and easily.

  6. Voice recording with the headset: With integrated voice recording, you can make comments about any infrared image while you are viewing it. This information is stored with the thermal image.

  7. Special measurement mode: By entering the ambient conditions, you can visualize areas in danger of mold growth in the thermal image at a glance.

  8. Lens protection glass: The germanium lens glass protects the optics from dirt and scratching.

  9. Min/Max on Area calculation: The minimum and maximum values of an image section can be determined immediately at a glance.

testo 876 Thermal Imaging Camera Being Used on Industrial Electrical Panel

testo 876 Imager Used on
an Industrial Electrical Panel

876 Thermal Imager Kit

Order Number
0560 8763
Detector Type
FPA 160 x 120 Pixels, a.Si
High thermal sensitivity(NETD)
<80 mK
Temperature range
-4 to +536 F
Image refresh rate
9 Hz
Standard lens 32 x 23
Optional telephoto 9 x 7
Integrated digital camera
Voice recording using headset
Motor focus
Surface moisture display
(via manual input)
Isotherm display in instrument
Min/Max on Area Calculation
Auto Hot/Cold Spot Recognition

           X Standard      (X) Optional

The imager is delivered in a robust case including the testo pro software, carrying strap, SD card, USB cable, power unit and Li-Ion rechargeable battery


876 Deluxe Thermal Imager Kit

Order Number
0560 8764
Telephoto lens
special order
Protective lens
0554 8805
Two-bay battery charger
0554 8801
Spare battery
0554 8802

     The Deluxe version adds the accessories
        above to the 876 standard version.

testo 876 Deluxe Thermal Imager Kit with Accessories

testo 876 Deluxe Thermal Imager
with Accessories

Additional Accessories Available:
Aluminum Tripod
Professional, extremely light and stable aluminum tripod with quick release legs, 3-way tripod head
0554 8804
Emissivity Tape
Adhesive tape e.g. for reflective surfaces
0554 0051

    Download 876 Datasheet


testo Thermal Imaging Literature Downloads

testo 875-881 Building Applications Brochure|
testo Building Thermography Brochure (2.2 MB)

testo 875-881 Industrial Applications Brochure
testo Industrial Thermography Brochure (1.4 MB)

Download excerpt from: "Testo Pocket Guide to Thermography"

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