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Testo 317-3 Ambient CO Meter

testo 317-3 Ambient CO Meter

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The testo 317-3 CO meter detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air. Leak tester for gas furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances or equipment. Signals the user of dangerous gas concentrations with both visual and audible alarms.

The advantages at a glance

 3 year warranty on CO cell
 No zeroing phase, instrument can be used immediately
 Visual and audible alarms
 Adjustable alarm threshold
 Self-test mode verifies CO sensor function without the need for calibration gas


testo 317-3 Kit Description

0632 3173 317-3 Professional Kit: CO monitor with self-test function, leather holster with belt clip, earphone, and wrist strap.

Testo 317-3 CO Stick, carbon monoxide gas monitor

testo 317-3 CO Meter Specifications

Operating temperature 23.0...113.0 °F

testo 317 CO Meter for Checking Furnaces
Checking Furnaces
Battery type 2 type AAA Batteries
Battery life 150 hours (with alarm off)
Measuring Range 0 to 1,999 ppm CO
Response Time (t90)    40 Seconds 
Accuracy ±10 ppm (0 to +99 ppm)
±10% (+100 to +499 ppm)
±20% (>+500 ppm)
Resolution 1 ppm
Warranty Instrument 2 yrs; CO sensor 3 years


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