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The PhD5 was officially discontinued on 1/1/2009
Servicing and spare parts were available until December 31, 2010
Sensors were discontinued on December 31, 2016

Replaced by the Biosystems PhD6 Multi-Gas Detector

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Honeywell Biosystems PhD5 Gas Detector
From Sperian Instruments now Honeywell Analytics

Monitor Up to 5 Gases Simultaneously

The Biosystems PhD5 monitors up to five atmospheric hazards simultaneously, including oxygen, combustible gas, and up to three channels of toxic gas detection.

Choose from a wide variety of toxic sensors; including Biosystems' innovative "Duo-Tox" two-channel CO/H2S sensor to measure both carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide when both hazards are present without cross interference.

Sensors available include:

Oxygen (O2)

Ammonia (NH3)
LEL combustible gas Chlorine (non-specific (Cl2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Chlorine (specific) Cl2
Dual purpose "Duo-Tox" CO/H2S Chlorine Dioxide (non-specific) (ClO2)
Reduced sensitivity to hydrogen (CO-H) Chlorine Dioxide (specific) (ClO2)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Nitric Oxide (NO)
Sulfur Dioxide, extended range (SO2-EXT) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) Phosphine (PH3)

The Biosystems PhD5 is housed in a rugged, metal-plated case designed to stand up to the most demanding environments. While all procedures necessary for day-to-day operation, including fully automatic calibration adjustment, are still controlled through a single button, an easy-to-read graphics display and navigation keys to make the PhD5 even easier to use than earlier versions.

Biosystems PhD5 detectors may be ordered with or without datalogging. Datalogging PhD5 detectors may be additionally equipped with Biosystems' unique "Touch ID" automatic memory download system. The system uses small, nearly indestructible memory buttons to store user ID and location information for the environment being monitored. It even stores the language preferences of the instrument user. The inexpensive buttons can be attached to worker ID badges, key rings, or permanently mounted to the external structures of frequently entered confined spaces. All you need to do is touch the built-in reader to the button to automatically download the stored  information. Keeping good records is a critical part of every confined space program. With "Touch ID" keeping good records is made easy with the touch of a button!

The Ultimate Confined Space Gas Detector!

Remarkable performance at an affordable price:
  • Easy to use: All procedures necessary for day-to-day operation, including automatic calibration adjustment, are controlled through a single On / Off "Mode" button. 
  • Small package; rugged design: The PhD5 is completely sealed against the elements. The rugged metal-plated case is designed to minimize radio frequency interference. 
  • Four sensors / five channels of detection:Choose from O2, LEL, and a wide selection of substance-specific toxic sensors; or choose Biosystems' innovative new "Duo-Tox" two-channel CO/H2S sensor for the simultaneous measurement of both CO and H2S without cross interference
  • Automatic calibration adjustment: "One Button Auto Calibration" is available any time while the PhD5 is in normal operation. All you have to do is press the "Mode" button, attach the adapter, and flow gas to the sensors. All the adjustments are made automatically. 
  • Interchangable NiCad or alkaline battery packs: Either type of snap-in pack provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation. 
  • Datalogging with "Touch ID": PhD5 detectors may be ordered with ot without datalogging. Datalogging instruments may be additionally equipped with Biosystems' unique "Touch ID" automatic memory download system. "Touch ID" buttons store user ID, location information, and even the language preferences of individual users. With "Touch ID" keeping good records is yours with the touch of a button! 

Ordering information:
Each PhD5 detector is shipped complete with leather case, carrying strap, hand-aspirated sample draw kit, reference manual, quick reference card, and training video. Alkaline PhD5 detectors include an alkaline battery pack and a set of 3 AA disposable batteries. NiCad detectors include a NiCad battery pack and a charger, as well as a spare alkaline battery pack and a set of batteries. Add "A" or "N" to the part number to specify "Alkaline" or "NiCad". Add "D" to include "Datalogging". Add "T" to include both datalogging and "Touch ID". Add "C" to the part number to order as a complete "Confined Space Kit" which includes calibration gas, regulator, fittings, and foam-lined carrying case. Only the most common configurations are listed below!


Part Number
PhD5 with no sensors installed 54-24-00000

PhD5 with LEL / O2 / CO sensors 

PhD5 with LEL / O2 / H2S sensors  54-24-30200 
PhD5 with LEL / O2 / CO / H2S sensors  54-24-30102 
PhD5 with LEL / O2 / "Duo-Tox" CO / H2S sensors  54-24-31400 
PhD5 with LEL / O2 / SO2 / "Duo-Tox" CO / H2S sensors  54-24-31403 
PhD5 with LEL / O2 / Ph3 / "Duo-Tox" CO / H2S sensors  54-24-31413 
PhD5 with LEL / O2 / SO2 / "Duo-Tox" CO / Cl2 (specific) 54-24-31418
Motorized continuous sample pump  54-27-0101 
Calibration kit for PhD5. Includes foam-lined carrying case with room for up to 3 cylinders of calibration gas. Kit contains one 12-023 regulator and other fittings. Does not include gas. 54-27-0501
MHP-1 remote vibrating alarm unit with 20' cable. Requires optional connector on instrument 54-27-0902
Five instrument 110 VAC slip-in multi-charger for PhD5. Includes power supply 54-27-0204
Spare alkaline battery pack for PhD5 35-0219
Spare NiCad battery pack for PhD5 35-0214
PhD5 Complete Upgrade Kit. Includes datalogging board, download cradle, BioTrack software, computer cable and manual 54-27-0601
Plug-in datalogging board for PhD5 54-27-0601
PhD5 Datalink Software kit (includes software and manual only) 54-27-0603
PhD5 Datalink Kit. Includes download cradle, BioTrack software, computer cable and manual 54-27-0605
Touch ID programming kit  54-27-0802 
Touch ID buttons (includes 10 unprogrammed buttons)  54-27-0805 
Touch ID wall mounts (includes 10 wall mounts for Touch ID buttons)  54-27-0806 
Touch ID key ring mounts (includes 10 key ring mounts for Touch ID buttons)  54-27-0807 


Terms for Instrument and Accessory Returns:
NOTE: Any returns will incur the Honeywell 25% restocking fee on the list price of the item. To return any instruments or accessories you must request a Return Authorization number prior to returning anything to the factory for credit. This Return Authorization number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping box. All products returned to Honeywell must be sent freight pre-paid, in new condition and in the original cartons with all unopened software, accessories and manuals. The sender is responsible for any carrier loss or damage.


WARNING! Honeywell Analytics - Biosystems equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatality.


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