Brandt Instruments representing GrayWolf Sensing Solutions. 2300AHTS 3-function probe for IAQ Surveyor Meters, Zephyr II Micromanometers

Brandt Instruments Representing GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
3-Function Probe for IAQ Surveyor Meters & Zephyr II Micromanometers


GrayWolf: 3-function multi-parameter measurement probe for Zephyr II or IAQ Surveyor Meters

GrayWolf 2300AHTS 3-Function HVAC Probe
Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dewpoint,
Air Speed & Volumetric Flow Rate

GrayWolf Multi-Parameter, 3-function air Measurement Probe for Zephyr II Micromanometers, IAQ Surveyor Instruments

Multi-Parameter Thermal Comfort &
HVAC Air Measurement Probe

Multi-parameter Probe - A compact and versatile probe capable of monitoring temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, air speed and volumetric flow rate (VFR) make this an excellent probe of choice for the HVAC professional.

The 2300AHTS probe can be used with either the GrfayWolf IAQ Surveyor or Zephyr II Micromanometer,

Telescopic Handle - The GrayWolf 2300AHTS HVAC probe has a telescopic handle making it ideal for monitoring hard to reach places, extending from 8 1/4" (215 mm) collapsed all the way to 34 1/4" (875 mm) extended.

High Accuracy The 3-function probe was designed with high precision fast response sensors for both quick spot checks and high accuracy continuous monitoring.

Hands Free Use - The probe can be quickly and easily attached to the side of the instrument (Zephyr or Surveyor), making it suitable for single handed operation.

GrayWolf 2300AHTS Probe Specifications

Range /
(Instrument + probe)
Polymer capacitor 0.0 to 98.0% RH ±2% RH (<75% RH)
±3% of reading (>75% RH)
Dewpoint Calculated from temperature and % RH -33.0°C to +70.0°C
(-27.4°F to 158°F)
Temperature Platinum Pt100 RTD
Resistance Temperature Device
-10°C to +70.0°C
(-15°F to 158°F)
Air velocity Hotwire Thermoanemometer 0.0 to 12.0 m/s
(0.1 to 2500 ft/m)
±3% reading
±1 ft/m
Flow Rate
Derived 0 to 500 m3/s
(0 to 10,000 ft3/m)
±3% reading
Operating Temperature Range   32°Fto 122°F
0°C to 50°C

Diagram of 2300AHTS 3-Function Probe

GrayWolf 2300AHTS 3-Function Probe for Zephyr II Micromanometers, IAQ Surveyor Instruments


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