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Zephyr ll+ Digital Micromanometers - PDM

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions: Zephyr ll and Zephyr II+ Micromanometers

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
Zephyr II+ Manometers with 3-Function Probe Specifications

Measuring Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Pressure, Air Flow

GrayWolf Zephyr II+ micro-manometer with three function probe

Zephyr II+ with three function probe


The Zephyr II micromanometers measure differential pressure with a built-in micromanometer & can measure flow using a pitot probe. The optional 3-function probe adds the ability to measure

  • temperature,
  • relative humidity and
  • air flow measurement using a hot wire thermoanemometer.

A two prong Omega style connection provides an additional connector for numerous type ‘K’ thermocouple temperature probes.

Multiple Parameter

Measure Differential Pressure alone, add temperature with a K thermocouple temperature probes, or with a 2300 AHTS 3-function probe (%RH/Temperature/Airspeed) or measure airspeed and VFR with a pitot probe.

Standard inputs

  • Built-in, auto-zeroing, micro-manometer
  • 'K' type thermocouple
  • 3-function “smart” probe 
Large and clear display
  • Measure up to 4 variables simultaneously
  • Scroll through all other readings on the display
  • Wide viewing angle ensures readings are always visible
  • Automatically updated when probes plugged in
  • On screen instructions for easy operation
Data port (Zephyr II+ only)
  • Allows logged data to be downloaded to Desktop PC for analysis
  • Manual or automatic datalogging available

Advanced datalogging for unattended surveys

Intuitive menu system

  • Minimum training required
  • Easy to use
  • Screen prompts guide user through operation

Reporting and Analysis Software

Simple desktop data analysis and reporting of logged info with included WolfSense PC desktop analysis software (Zephyr II+ only)
Optional Mobil PC interface

Connects Zephyr II or II+ to a Pocket PC or Notebook PC with WolfSense application software and a serial card (model ACC-SCCF). May be interfaced simultaneously with any GrayWolf DirectSense probe. When interfaced with WolfSense PPC or LAP, stores ALL survey info; data AND text/graphic/audio notes and includes easily accessible, on-board parameter tips, government and industry guidelines.

Specifications for Zephyr II Micromanometer
Inputs available Auto-zeroing micro-manometer (built-in)
`K' type thermocouple
3-Function %RH, Temperature, (hotwire) Air Velocity Probe
Power requirements 3 x C size disposable alkaline batteries
Optional AC adapter 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Rechargeable batteries and separate charger may be used
Typical battery life 130 Hours – subject to type of probes fitted.
Pressure Range ± 7,000 Pa, ± 30 in H2O, ± 700 mm H2O, ± 70 mbar, ± 50 mmHg
Pressure Resolution 0.1 PA, 0.001 in H2O, 0.01 mmH2O, 0.001 mbar, 0.001 mmHg
Pressure Accuracy ± 1% of reading, ± 2 counts
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C (32F to 122°F)
Operating humidity 0 to 90% RH
Material Impact resistant ABS, water resistant to IP54
Ingress protection IP54
Dimensions 265mm x 135mm x 42mm
(10-1/2" x 5-1/4" x 1-1/2")
Weight 0.9Kg (2 lbs)  
Manual data capture and review
Zephyr II
Zephyr II+
Averaging facility for duct traversing
Trend (timed) datalogging
Data download to PC
Optional interface to mobile PCs via GrayWolf WolfSense software

GrayWolf - Standard Zephyr II Micromanometer Kits

  CLK-Zephyr II CLK-Zephyr II+
Kit Contents
  • Zephyr II instrument
  • 6’ Dual Tubing
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • Zephyr II+ instrument with case
  • 6’ Dual Tubing
  • PC Serial Computer Cable
  • WolfSense® Data Analysis Software
Possible measurements include:
Differential pressure Yes Yes
Temperature Yes ('K' type thermocoupl or RTD) Yes (`K' type thermocouple or RTD)
Air velocity Yes (pitot static tube or hot wire required) Yes (pitot static tube or hot wire required)
Volumetric flow rate Yes (pitot tube or hot wire required)  Yes (pitot tube or hot wire required) 
Static pressure Yes Yes
Humidity No Yes
Dew point Yes  Yes

GrayWolf Zephyr Micromanometer Probe Compatibility Matrix  

Probe Availability
Zephyr II
Zephyr II+
2300AHTS 3-Function AHT Telescoping Smart Probe
(Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow with Hot Wire Thermoanemometer)
Pitot Static Probes PIT-229MS 200mm x 4mm
(12" x 0.16")
PIT-229MM 500mm x 8mm
(19.5" x 0.32")
PIT-229ML 1000mm x 8mm
(39.5" x 0.32")
PIT-50-4 4-Stage Extendable 1300mm (MAX) x 8mm
(51.25" x 0.32")
Temperature Numerous Thermocouple Temperature Probes
  • Will not perform CO or CO2 gas measurements
  • For technical data or alternative measurements refer to individual probe datasheets 

Zephyr II Literature


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