Delmhorst Moisture Meters: Navigator Series, TotalCheck, MoistureCheck, BD-2100 three scale meter, TechScan Pinless Analog Meter, BD-10, J-Lite, RC-1E
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Delmhorst Moisture Meters


Delmhorst Moisture Meters: Navigator Pro Pin-Pad, MoistureCheck, TotalCheck, BD-2100 three scale meter, TechScan Pinless Meter, BD-10, J-Lite  Delmhorst Moisture Meters
Navigator Pro, TotalCheck, TechCheck
BD-2100, Techscan, BD-10 J-Lite


  Moisture Meters
for IAQ Inspections, Mold Remediation, Restoration

Delmhorst Moisture Meters: BD-2100, MoistureCheck, BD-10

Delmhorst moisture meters are an essential diagnostic tool for restoration specialists, professional contractor, claims adjusters, or homeowner. By checking moisture conditions at the beginning of a job and monitoring during the drying cycle, you will be able to sign off with confidence that the structure is dry. The Delmhorst assortment of meters and electrodes give you the opportunity to select the right tools for your application.

Delmhorst moisture meter accessory probes


Navigator & Navigator Pro 3-in-One Moisture Meter

   Navigator Series Meters

Delmhorst Navigator Pro Accessory Kit
              Navigator Pro Accessory Kit

Delmhorst Navigator & NavigatorPro
3-in-1 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meters


The Navigator moisture meters integrate both the pin mode and pinless mode with a thermohygrometer option. Provides ease of use for checking moisture in drywall, insulation, wood, concrete and plaster. The Navigator meters make it easy to trace leaks, find exterior moisture and locate dry rot.

Use the "Enhanced" mode, to define up to five jobs with up to 32 rooms. Store the readings by location within each room (floor, ceiling, wall). "Pin" Mode has three scales: wood, reference and dry wall "Scan" Mode uses pinless pad measurement using the reference scale (0-300). The thermohygrometer (Pro meter only) measures temp/Rh and calculates GPP/dew point. Full screen reading recall with date/time stamp, intuitive menus and infrared PC linkage round out this meter's features.

  • 5-60% MC wood scale
  • 0.1%-6% dry wall scale
  • 0-100 numerical reference scale

    NAVIGATOR/CS Navigator 3-1 Meter: Meter, RH/T-S1 sensor, carrying case

    NAVPRO/RP NavigatorPro 3-1 Meter Restoration Package: Meter, with
    RH/T-S1 Sensor, case, 2-E, 21-E, 26ES, RH/T-C1 Cable, PC/KIT.

NAVPRO/BPNavigatorPro 3-1 Meter Basic Package: Meter, with RH/T-S1 Sensor, case, 2-E 5/16" penetration insulated pins (all materials except roofing & insulation). PC/KIT software application program.

Download Navigator Pro Manual


Delmhorst MoistureCheck 2-in-1 Moisture Meter

Delmhorst MoistureCheck with PC Kit & 26-ES Hammer Electrode
                 MoistureCheck with PC Kit &
                    26-ES Hammer Electrod

Delmhorst MoistureCheck Dual Mode
& TotalCheck 3-1 Meters


The Moisture Check is a 2-in-1 moisture meter that integrates pin and pinless technologies into one meter. Stores up to 1400 readings with a date and time stamp for each reading. Optional infrared PC linking capability is offered with application software for data management.

The TotalCheck adds a thermohygrometer option. The meter conforms to ASTM F-2170 relative humidity test in concrete flooring. The humidity sensor measures RH over the range of 0-100% and temperatures of -40° to 158° F / -20° to 70° C. The meter will calculate both dew point and specific humidity (GPP).

  • 5 - 60% wood scale
  • Corrects for 69 individual woods over the range of 6% to 60% MC
  • Corrects for temperature over a range of 0°-255° F/-18°-124° C.
  • 0.1% - 6% dry wall scale
  • 0-100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials

    MOISTURECHECK/FP MoistureCheck Flooring Package: Meter, RH/T-S2 humidity sensor, 26-ES hammer electrode, 21-E electrode with (10) 496 pins, (10) CS-3 Sleeves, PC/KIT software application program and case.

    TOTALCHECKW/CS TotalCheck: meter, RH/T-S1 humidity sensor, RH/T-C1 cable, carrying case


    TechCheck 2-1 Meter

Delmhorst TechCheck+
Basic Dual Mode Meter


  • Pin Mode (5-60% MC wood scale)
  • Scan Mode (0-300 numerical reference scale)
  • Built in Backlight makes reading in dark places a cinch
  • Auto-shutoff timer saves battery life
  • Alarm lets you know when your preselected moisture threshold is reached
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case " 9-V Battery " 1 year warranty

    TechCheck Package Variations:

    TECHCHECK+W/CS TechCheck: Includes meter, carrying case and additional contact pins

    TECHCHECK+/PKG TechCheck Insulation package: Includes meter, 21-E electrode
    with 3.75" insulated pins (insulation), extra contact pins for the meter and carrying case

BD-2100_Delmhorst-digital three scale moisture meter

       BD-2100 Meter

    Delmhorst BD-2100 Kit

            BD-2100 Kit



Delmhorst BD-2100
Pin Type Digital Moisture Meter


  • Digital readout
  • Designed to check moisture levels in wood, concrete, EIFS, dry wall, and other materials 
  • Resistance technology recognized around the world as the most accurate method for measuring moisture
  • Three scales: 
    • Wood Scale - 6% to 40% moisture range. Use for flooring and building material such as wood studs, floor joists, subfloors
    • Reference Scale ­ reads from  of 0 to 100 on a relative basis.  Use on non-wood materials such as concrete, plaster, and insulation
    • Gypsum Scale - 0.2%-50% moisture range.  Use on dry wall
  • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
  • Set-point alerts you to when a preselected MC is reached
  • Connector to attach #21-E or #26-ES hammer electrode electrode for deep penetration
  • One year warranty
    One of the most versatile moisture meters, the BD-2100 is perfect for the professional contractor. The BD series, purchased individually,  includes a carrying case and extra #2497/A-100 contact pins.  Or choose from two different packages depending on your needs.

    BD-2100/PKG: meter, case, #21-E electrode with 3.75" insulated pins (insulation)

    BD-2100/26/PKG: meter, carrying case,#26-ES hammer electrode and (10) #496 pins

    BD-2100/EIFS/PKG EIFS Package: moisture meter, carrying case, #21-E electrode 3-1/4" insulated pins (insulation), (2) 608-001 pins, HP-1 Hole Punch, extra #2497/A-100 contact pins



Delmhorst TechChek Analog Pinless Pad Moisture Meter

TechChek "Pinless" Pad Meter


Delmhorst TechChek
Pinless "Pad" Type Analog Meter

The Delmhorst Pinless Moisture Meter for the Home Inspector. Delmhorst's superior quality and service have made Delmhorst pin-type meters the most respected in the industry. Now, that same level of performance is available in the convenience of a pinless moisture meter. 

Use as “first alert” to quickly scan and identify problem areas or moisture hot spots that may require the accuracy of your pin meter.


  • Easy to read analog readout 
  • Rugged sensor plate measures up to 3/4” without damaging any materials
  • Hold function makes taking readings in hard-to-reach places fast and easy
  • Measures %MC in wood over the range of 6%-40%
  • 0-100 reference scale for non-wood building materials
  • User adjustable alarm
  • Durable electrode pads – more rugged than competitors’ sensor pads
  • Built-in battery and calibration checks
  • 1 year warranty

    Meter with case                       Download TechScan Manual


BD-10 Delmhorst analog moisture meter
            BD-10 Meter

     BD-10 EIFS Inspection Kit

   BD-10 EIFS Inspection Kit


Delmhorst BD-10
Pin Type Analog Moisture Meter


  • Designed to check moisture levels in wood, concrete, EIFS, dry wall, and other materials 
  • Resistance technology recognized around the world as the most accurate method for measuring moisture 
  • 6%-40% moisture range for wood 
  • 0 to 100 reference scale for non-wood materials 
  • Analog readout 
  • Built-in calibration check 
  • Temperature stable circuit 
  • Ergonomic case design 
  • Easy one-hand operation 
  • Includes (1) 9-Volt Battery 
  • Includes sturdy carrying case 
  • One-year warranty 
  • Over fifty years of proven quality, accuracy and service

    BD-10/PKG Standard Package: includes meter, carrying case, #21-E electrode with 3.75" insulated pins (insulation) and extra #2497/A-100 contact pins

    BD-10/26/PKG Flooring Package: includes meter, carrying case, #26-ES hammer electrode, and extra (10) #496 contact pins

    BD-10/EIFS/PKG EIFS Package: includes meter, carrying case, #21-E electrode with 3.75" insulated pins (insulation), (2) 608-001 pins and HP-1 hole punch
J-Lite Delmhorst LED moisture meter

Delmhorst J-Lite
Pin Type LED Meter


  • Microcontroller circuit for increased reliability and accuracy
  • 12 bright LEDs -- great for reading in direct sunlight or dark areas, the most precise readings of any LED meter available today 
  • Moisture content  range from 6% - 30% 
  • Our most economical model, the J-Lite is rugged and easy to use. 
  • Industry's only three-year Warranty 

    J-LITEW/CS LED wood moisture meter, case

*** The BD-2100, BD-10, and J-Lite include a carrying case and extra #2497/A-100 contact pins. Other packages are available depending on your needs. Please call for information.

                       Delmhorst moisture meter accessory probes

Delmhorst Electrode & Pin Configurations

Delmhorst moisture meter electrode specifications
Delmhorst moisture meter electrode & pin photos




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