Delmhorst Moisture Meter Accesory Probes, Electrodes for Navigator Series, MoistureCheck, TotalCheck,BD-2100 three scale meter, BD-10, J-Lite, RC-1E Analog
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Delmhorst Moisture Meters: Electrode Accessory Probes for Navigator Series, MoistureCheck, TotalCheck, BD-2100 three scale meter, BD-10, J-Lite 
Delmhorst Moisture Meter Accessory Probes
Navigator Series, TechCheck, MoistureCheck
TotalCheck, BD-2100, AccuScan, BD-10 J-Lite, RC-1E

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21-E Electrode  

Delmhorst moisture meter probe 21-E: for deep testing
Use on roofs, insulation, or any tests deep below the surface. Pins are insulated,  except at the tips. Maximum penetration of  #608 pins is 3-1/4".

2-E Electrode

Delmhorst moisture meter probe 2-E: for hard to reach areas
Uses the same contact pins that are mounted on each meter. This electrode is great to use in hard to reach places. Ideal for the home inspector and pest control operator. 

HP-1 Electrode

Delmhorst moisture meter probe HP-1: for stucco
Makes pilot holes in stucco to reduce  pin damage 

26-ES Electrode

Delmhorst moisture meter probe 26-ES for flooring
The contact pins that come with the 26-ES have insulated shanks so that only the tips are exposed.  The pins make contact with the material  only at their uncoated tip and provide much more accurate readings of moisture content at various levels of penetration.  This feature allows you to penetrate through  flooring to a concrete or plywood subfloor.

The 26-ES may be purchased as a separate option or included in one of our moisture meter packages, depending on model.

22-ET Electrode

Delmhorst moisture meter probe 22-ET: for plaster, masonry, wood
Two pins, 1/2 penetration.  Use on plaster,  masonry and wood.  Will also take #496, insulated pins; 1 1/16 penetration.

19-E/STC Electrode

Delmhorst moisture meter probe 19-E/STC: long blades for trim & baseboards
  • Two 5'' long blades, bent to a 35° angle 
  • Teflon coated w/ exposed tips 
  • Use to check behind trim and baseboard molding 

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