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Biosystems Toxi Vision™ EX Combustible Gas Detectors

Single Gas Detection Instruments
From Sperian Instruments Now Honeywell Analytics

Discontinued Effective December 31, 2010
Replaced by the Honeywell IQ Force Meters

Sensor support was discontinued on December 31, 2015

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Sperian Biosystems Toxi Vision EX in Water Tank


The Biosystems Toxi Vision EX gas detector displays real-time gas readings, max readings for the current operating session and has customizable warning and danger alarms for combustible gas.

The Toxi Vision EX is available in Alkaline or the NiMH rechargeable versions. The NiMH rechargeable version includes a black box data recorder and an eventlogger as standard equipment. The black box in the NiMH version can be upgraded to a full-featured datalogger at any time after purchase. The alkaline version is not available with any type of data recording system.


Utilizes a poison-resistant catalytic bead sensor which increases sensor longevity

  • Top & from mounted bright LED
  • One-button operation
  • Large backlit display
  • IPX5/IPX7 rated protection against water ingress
  • Loud alarm - 92 dBA @ 1 foot
  • RFI immunity to 40 V/m
  • Up to 13-hour battery life. 15 hours for NiMH rechargeable
  • Security beep selectaable via PC
  • Available with built-in vibrating alarm
Toxi Vision EX Navigation Bar - Specifications Toxi Vision EX Navigation Bar - Kit Options Toxi Vision EX Navigation Bar - Accessries

  Toxi Vision EX Key Features

  • Display size- The display is among the largest on the market for single sensor gas detectors. It can easily be seen from several feet away.
  •  One-button operation- A single button controls access to all user functions and is large enough to be used even with gloves on
  • Durability- The chrome metal-plated ABS case makes the Toxi Vision resistant to corrosive gases such as H2S. The Toxi Vision is also vacuum-tested to ensure water tightness and has a water-resistance rating of IPX5/7.
  • Calibration- True one-button auto calibration is available at any time while in normal operation. Simply press the "MODE" button three times, attach the adaptor, and flow gas to the sensor. All adjustments are automatic.
  • Readout and Alarms- Programmable Warning and Danger Alarms (via PC) * Current and Max gas readings
  • RFI Protection- Special RFI shielding prevents operating interference from two-way radios and other electronic devices providing RFI immunity to 40 V/m.
  • Batteries-
    * Alkaline model runs up to 13 hours on 2 AA batteries
    * NiMH model runs up to 15 hours between charges
    * NiMH rechargeable version includes charger
  • Data-
    NiMH version comes with standard black box data recorder and eventlogger
    * Alkaline version has no data recording options
  • Options- Built-in vibrating alarm * Protective rubber boot * Datalogging (NiMH version only)
  • Optional vibrator alarm- An optional internally-housed vibrator alarm allows the detector to be used even in high noise environment.

Toxi Vision EX Specifications

Display: Oversized Liquid Crystal Display which can be seen from several feet away
Backlight: Backlight activates with button and any alarm
Housing: Satin nickel-plated, RFI resistant ABS with immunity to 40 V/m
Clip: Built-in steel clip
Power:  2 AA batteries
Weight:  6.7oz. (190g) 
Battery life:  Up to 4,000 continuous hours per set of batteries
Dimensions:  3.5" (8.9 cm) x 2.5 " (6.4 cm) x 1.25 " (3.25 cm)
Alarms: Factory-set alarm levels
Audible Alarms: Loud warbling two-toned alarm rated at 92 dBA @ 1 foot
Visual Alarms: Bright red LED alarm light
Security Flash: Security beep in variable intervals is available. A blinking light always means Attention Required. A 2x blinking alarm every 5 seconds means Needs Cal. A continously blinking means Alarm
Optional Vibrator Alarm:

For high noise environments

Intrinsic Safety:


Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B. C, D
Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B. C, D
II 2G Ex d ia IIC T4
Ex d ia IIC T4
Ex d ia IIC T4

Ingress Protection: Alkaline version meets IPX7 water standard.
Rechargeable version meets IPX5.


Toxi Vision® EX Configuration Matrix

Part Number
Sperian Instrument's Biosystems Toxi Vision EX
   54-37-80A   Toxi Vision EX with Alkaline Batteries
   54-37-80N   Toxi Vision EX with Rechargeable NiMH Battery


Toxi Vision detectors may be ordered separately or as part of a kit.

  • Standard Accessories: Every Toxi Vision detector comes complete with belt clip, calibration adaptor, installed set of 2 AA batteries, rechargeable NiMH version includes charger, reference manual and quick reference card.
  • Complete Kit: All standard accessories, standard size (103 liter) cylinder of calibration gas, fixed flow regulator, foam-lined waterproof hardshell carrying case. To order as a complete kit add "C" to the part number.
  • Value Pack Kit: All standard accessories, compact size (34 liter) cylinder of calibration gas, fixed flow regulator, foam-lined carrying case. Add "K" to the part number.
  • Datalogging available on with rechargeable version. Add "D" to the part number.
  • To order any Toxi Vision detector equipped with the optional internal vibrating alarm add "V" to the part number.
  • Add "B" to the part number to order with rubber boot.



Toxi Vision Accessories

Part Number Description
54-38-01 Calibration / sample draw adapter
54-38-03 Rubber Boot
54-38-04 Toxi Vision PC Programming Kit. Includes software and serial interface cable
54-38-05 Replacement Belt Clip
54-38-06 Manual Sample Draw Kit. Includes adapter and 10' of tubing
54-38-07 Case for Value Pack. Foam-limed ABS with room for 1 34-liter gas cylinder
35-964 Lanyard for Toxi Vision

Honeywell Analytics - Biosystems equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions.

Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatality.

Toxi Vision EX Navigation Bar - Specifications Toxi Vision EX Navigation Bar - Kit Options Toxi Vision EX Navigation Bar - Accessries

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