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Biosystems Mighty-Tox
Disposable Single-Gas Detector
From Sperian Instruments now Honeywell Analytics

The Toxi Vision Single Gas Detector

NOTE: The Mighty-Tox Was Discontinued Effective July 2008

Replaced by:

ToxiPro Single Gas Detector

The Mighty-Tox is an inexpensive, rugged, single-sensor, disposable gas detector that is available for the detection of either hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or carbon monoxide (CO). Once the Mighty-Tox is activated, it monitors continuously for a full 90-days. A built-in test button lets you verify the unit is operating properly. As the instrument reaches the end of its operational life, a low-battery alarm begins to sound and then continues to sound once per minute for the last seven days of operation. After the Mighty-Tox has reached its end of service life simply throw it away. 

The Mighty-Tox is housed in a rugged, compact, RFI-resistant, metal-plated case that is designed to standup to the most demanding environments. The dimensions are only 1-1/2 X 1-1/8 X 7/8 inches and it weighs less than 1 ounce (25g). The Mighty-Tox features a loud, two-tone audible alarm and bright red LED alarm light. Each Mighty-Tox has two alarm levels, one for warning-level alarms and one for danger-level alarms. Alarm levels vary by instrument type. The loud two tone alarm will warble slowly at the warning-level alarm state and more rapidly at the danger-level alarm state. A strong steel clip allows the detector to be worn on a belt, or clipped to a collar, pocket, or strap. 

The Mighty-Tox is perfect for shut-downs, planned maintenance, and many other short term monitoring applications. It's just the insurance you need that conditions are safe from H2S or CO contamination. 

Each unit is supplied with a "Bump test adapter", which makes it easy to apply test gas to verify proper performance. Test gases are sold separately.


Technical Information
Audible Alarm 
Visible Alarm 
Security Flash 
Operational Life 
Shelf Life 
End of Service Warning 

Instrinsic Safety 

Standard Accessories 

1-1/2" (3.75 cm) x 1-1/8" (2.8 cm) x 7/8" (2.2 cm) 
1 oz. (25g) 
Two factory set alarm levels 
Loud warbling two toned alarm 
Bright red LED alarm light 
LED flashes once per minute to verify instrument operation 
Test-switch used to verify battery and alarm function 
Nickel-metal plated, RFI resistant ABS 
90-days from initial activation 
Up to 6-months (without loss of full 90-day operational life) 
Low-battery alarm sounds once per minute for the last seven days of operation 
c-UL-us® Classified for Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D hazardous locations 
Built-in steel clip, bump-test adpter (used to flow gas to sensor), and operator's guide 

Part #s

Part Number 
Sensor Installed 
Alarm Levels 
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 
35 & 100 PPM 
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 
25 & 100 PPM 
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 
10 & 20 PPM 

WARNING! Honeywell Analytics - Biosystems equipment should only be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions.
Failure to follow such instructions could result in serious injury or fatality.


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