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Sound Level Meters

Larson Davis Handheld Sound Level Meters (SLM) are used world-wide for noise surveys, engineering studies and area noise surveys. Sound Level Meters with data logging and octave-band analysis systems with both Type I and Type II microphones are available, as are sequential and full spectrum octave band sound analysis systems.

Larson Davis LxT Sound Level Meter with Portable Printer

SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter

Larson Davis 720 Sound Level Meter

Model 720 Sound Level Meter Family

Larson Davis 831 Sound Level Meter In Hand

NEW  Model 831 Sound Level Meter

Larson Davis 824 Sound Level Meter-RTA Meter

System 824 Sound Level Meter and Real Time Analyzer






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SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter

The SoundTrack LxT® Sound Level Meter was developed to meet the unique needs of those involved in workplace noise exposure assessment and plant noise surveys.

With its sleek ergonomic design, slender and able to be held and operated with just one hand, to its exceptional exposure data presentations, the SoundTrack LxT is the perfect tool for gathering, analyzing, and presenting detailed noise environment data quickly, easily and concisely.

New and better ways to organize your sampling methodology and annotate noise survey data save incredible amounts of time and provide better results, every time all at a price that won't consume your entire instrument budget!

This revolutionary design ensures that gathering, analyzing and presenting detailed environmental noise data, in accordance with Acoustical Standards, can be achieved by Safety and Health personnel rather than professional Acoustics Engineers.

LxT Applications

Industrial Hygienists
Safety Professionals
Work Place Noise

LxT Features

Simple Operation with just one hand!
18 Hours runtime on 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
100 dB Dynamic Range
USB 2.0 Interface
1/1 and 1/3 Octave + Logging
Large, Bright, High-Contrast LCD Screen
Digital Voice Annotation*
Extremely Rugged Compact and Lightweight
Available in Class 1 or Class 2 Versions
Multi-Language Format for Global Compatibility
Data Logging
2 Channel Dosimeter

                 SountTrack LxT Brochure in Adobe Acrobat Format   Download: SoundTrack LxT® Brochure

Larson Davis Sound Track LxT Sound Level Meter with Digital Voice Annotation

LxT With Digital Voice Annotation


Larson Davis LxT Sound Level Meter with Portable Printer

LxT with Portable Printer


NEW Model 831 Sound Level Meter 

The Model 831 SLM is the most recent of the Larson Davis SLM products. Advances in the Technology provide a massive 250MB of Memory, with superior Performance and a Reliable design.

The inclusion of Weather Parameters increases the external environmental noise measurement capabilities. The Model 831 also includes the easy-to-use personal Health and Safety measurement features of other advanced SLM products

831 SLM Applications

Environmental Noise Measurement
Work Place Noise Safety Measurements
Industrial and Work Place Hygiene Inspection
Research Measurement Features

831 SLM Features

Simple 'One-hand' Operation
> 8 Hours Runtime on 4-AA Batteries
USB 2.0 Peripheral Connectors

AUX Connector for Mass Storage, Cellular and Dialup Modems for        Remote Operation
120dB Dynamic Range
250 MB Memory, 2 GB (Optional) Memory
RMS & Peak A, C & Z Frequency Weighting
RMS Slow, Fast & Impulse Detection Characteristics

Real Time 1/1 & 1/3 Octave Frequency Analysis
Sound & Voice Recording
Automatic Data Logging (20ms to 24 hours)
2-Channel Dosimeter Function


831 SLM  Brochure in Adobe Acrobat Format   Download: 831 SLM Brochure


Larson Davis 831 Sound Level Meter In Hand

Model 720 Sound Level Meter Family

The Model 720 Sound Level Meter is a Type 2 handheld datalogging, integrating sound level meter. removing the nose cone reveals A 1-meter microphone extension cable converting the 720 sound level meter into a personal noise dosimeter. It is the ideal sound level meter for a wide spectrum of applications.


Integrated Sound Level Measurements with Datalogging
Community Noise Assessment
Environmental Noise Monitoring
Statistical Analysis
Transportation Noise/Passby Measurements
Production Line Testing
RMS and Dual Peak Detectors
Detector Response Rates of Slow, Fast and Impulse
A and C Frequency Weighting Filters
110 Db Dynamic Range
ANSI/IEC Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter
Options for Interval and Time Histories; Interval, Time, Daily Event Histories
Statistics – 4 user selectable Ln values
64K bytes memory
AC/DC output
RS-232 interface 

Larson Davis 720 Sound Level Meter

Model 720 Specifications

Linearity range >107 dB
Max RMS level 143 dBA (typical)
RMS noise floor 30 dBA (typical)
Time weighting Slow, fast, impulse
Frequency weighting A and C
Microphone 3/8" electret
Bias supply 0, 28, and 200 volts DC
Memory 64 KB
Communications RS-232 serial interface
DC output 0-3 volts at 600 ohms
AC output  
A- weighted range 38.4 dBuV ti 128.4 dBuV
C-weighted range 36.3 dBuV to 126.3 dBuV
Linear range 36.1 dBuV to 125=6.1 dBuV
Output impedance 600 ohms
Gain 0 or 20 dB (user selectable)
Quartz clock/ calendar 24 hour format (hh:mm:ss), 1 second resolution, 100 yr calendar (mo/day/yr)
Power supply
 Internal 9 volt battery, 24 hour operation
 External 7 to 16 VDC, 30 ma current draw
Dimensions 8.6"L x 3.3"W x 1.1"D (with nose cone attached)
Weight 14.0 oz (393 gm)
Standards met ANSI S1.4 – 1983
ANSI S1.25 – 1991
IEC 651
IEC 804
Directive 86/188/EEC
IEC/TC - 29
Accessories (included) 
CCS09 Cordura nylon pouch
WS009 Windscreen
SWW_SLM_UTL Windows software for instrument setup, data download and data export
9 Volt alkaline battery  
Mic clip  
Calibration tool  
Accessories (optional) 
CAL150, CAL200 Acoustic calibrator
Outdoor environmental cases  
Printer, computer, modem cable  

System 824 Sound Level Meter/Real Time Analyzer

The System 824 is a handheld Sound Level Meter and Real Time Analyzer in a convenient user-friendly package. With its Type 1 microphone the Sound Level Meter/Real Time Analyzer is an ideal instrument for a wide variety of applications.

Industrial hygiene noise surveys
Industrial noise monitoring
Aircraft noise monitoring
General noise surveys
Transportation noise
Community noise
Building acoustics
Sound power determination
Vibration measurements
Transient capture
Machinery noise
Audiometric calibration 

Larson Davis 824 Sound Level Meter-RTA Meter



ANSI/IEC type 1 Sound Level Meter
Multiple functions: Simple Sound Level Meter (SLM), combination Sound Level Meter/Real Time Analyzer, high        speed 1/3 octave real time analyzer
Real-time filters: 1/1 Octave band (16 Hz to 16 kHz), 1/3 Octave band (12.3 Hz to 20 kHz) or 400-line FFT (1 Hz to         20kHz) (optional configuration)
Building acoustics analysis: RTC60, NCB and RC calculations. Microphone extendable up to 500 feet, 2 megabytes         of efficient data memory
Windows-based software for setup, control and high speed data exchange
Lightweight, easy to hold, easy to use
Power source: rechargeable NiMH battery or 3 AA batteries
Direct print out of stored data
AC/DC output
RS-232 serial interface; serial bit rate up to 115 kbps
Sound Spectrum Analyzer measures broadband SPL, LEQ, SEL, Min, Max, Peak, with all frequency weights (A, C         flat) and with all detectors (slow, fast, impulse, peak, Leq) simultaneously plus 1/1 and 1/3 octave data stored in         time and interval histories at storage rates as fast as 8 times per second. Included are Ln data showing 6 Ln values,         a graph or L1 through L99 (broadband) and spectral Lns.

 Larson Davis 824 SLM  Brochure in Adobe Acrobat Format   Download: Larson Davis 824 Sound Level Meter Brochure



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