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Human Vibration Monitors

Larson Davis HVM100 Human Vibration Analysis Systems provide for continuous vibration exposure data collection in actual working conditions. They combine a handheld datalogger with user friendly graphical analysis software.

The HVM100 Human Vibration Monitor is a lightweight, handheld datalogger with s
ensors for monitoring and analysis of Hand-arm and Whole-body multi-axis vibration.  Logging vibration monitor simultaneously measures X, Y, Z axes and Sum.

The HVM’s display has multiple language capability. User programmable AC or DC outputs for each channel can be used to record weighted and unweighted signals. It can store and recall up to 100 separate time-history test files with all required metrics.  This information can then be downloaded to a PC for analysis and archiving.

HVM100 Human Vibration Monitor

HVM100 Human Vibration Monitor

HVM100 Human Vibration Monitor

HVM100 Applications

Whole body vibration
Hand tool vibration
Vibration severity measurement
Hand-arm vibration
Product compliance testing
Worker exposures
Industrial hygiene
Assess risk of injury

IHVM100 Features

Lightweight, user friendly, hand-arm and whole body vibration measurement system
Operates on (2) AA batteries or AC power supply
Frequency weightings and measurements for hand-arm and whole body vibration
Conforms to ISO standards 2613 and 5349
Simultaneous 3-channel measurements: X, Y, Z axes and Sum (S)
Metrics for vibration, hand-arm and whole body measurements.
Outstanding sensor compatibility with internal support for voltage, charge and direct input mode sensors
User programmable for AC or DC output for each channel, weighted or unweighted
Records up to 200 hours of measurement time history
Downloads to Blaze (RTM) Software for quick easy analysis and report generation
USB and serial interface to PC (115.2 kBaud)

Special Feature (February, 2009): The IHVM100 computes Vibration Exposure Points Values (as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive - UK) whereby a given task and tool combination is assessed a total number of ‘exposure points’ based on the measured acceleration magnitude of the vibrating tool and the duration of tool use. For Hand-arm vibration injury risk assessment, the points system provides a convenient, easily understood exposure metric.

Adobe Acrobat pdf format - Casella Tuff Pump Brochure HVM Brochure for Product Compliance Testing

Adobe Acrobat pdf format - Casella Tuff Pump Brochure HVM Brochure fof Industrial Hygiene

Specifications for HVM100 Human Vibration Monitor
Input Types ICP® sensors, direct voltage
Input Range >100 dB (in multiple ranges)
Range Gain x1, x10, x100, x1000
Calibration By level or sensor sensitivity entry
Units m/s2, cm/s2, ft/s2, in/s2, g, dB
Available Languages Standard: English, Spanish, German & Italian
  Opt 2: English, German, Portugese & Czech
  Opt 3: English, German, Italian & French
  Opt 4: English, German, Dutch & French
Metrics for Each Mode
Vibration Arms Amin, Amax, Aeq, Amp, PEAK
Hand-arm Arms, Amin, Amax, Aeq, PEAK, A(1), A(2), A(4), A(8), Exposure time
Whole Body Arms, Amin, Amax, Aeq, Amp, CFmp, CF, VDV
Frequency Weightings
Vibration Ws (Severity), Fa (0.4 Hz to 100 Hz), Fb (0.4 Hz to 1250 Hz), Fc (6.3 Hz to 1250 Hz)
Hand-arm Wh
Whole Body Wb, Wc, We, Wg, Wj, Wk, WB
Setups Stores up to 10 user setups
Memory 100 measurements, 1 min to 99 hrs
Time History 120 samples of Arms and PEAK at a period of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds
Interface USB (with DVX000A to DB9M Serial adapter) RS-232 on 8-pin DIN, to to 115kBd/s
Printout Custom 3-line header, data and time history
Outputs For Each Channel
AC Weighted or band limited
DC ms, min, max, peak, sum ms, sum max, sum min, sum peak
Peak ±0.5dB accuracy
Display LCD
Battery 2 x AA (IEC type LR6) Batteries included
Weight 300 g (10.6 oz)
Dimensions 1.1" x 3.3" x 6.0" (28 x 84 x 152 mm)
  CE compliant, ISO 8041:2005, 2631-1:1997, 2613-1:1989, 2631-4:2001, 5349-1:2001 and 5349-1:2001, ANSI 2.70-2006 plus it provides the whole-body frequency wighting Wg specified in the British Standard BS 6841:1987
Accessories Included
Batteries 2 x AA, IEC type LR6
Accessories Optional
ISEN020 to ISEN022 Accelerometers, 3-axis (ICP™)
ISEN020-CBL to ISEN022-CBL 3-axis accelerometers including cables
ISEN027 Accelerometer, seat pad (PCB)
ISEN027-CBL Accelerometer, seat pad including cable
ICBL120 Cable, 3 x 10-32 male to 4-pin Lemo™ male
ICBL121 Cable, 3 x BNC male to 4-pin Lemo™ male
ICBL006 Cable, serial computer (DB9-mDIN08)
ICBL002 Cable, serial printer (DB25S-mDIN08)
ICBL091 Cable, serial printer (HPLJ4-mDIN08)
ICBL122 Cable, 4-pin Microtech to 4-pin Lemo™ male
ICBL123 Cable, 6-pin DIN male to 4-pin Lemo™ male
ICBL124 Cable, AC/DC output
IADP060 Adapter, hand accelerometer
IADP061 Adapter, handle accelerometer
IADP062 Adapter, clamp accelerometer
IADP063 Adapter, palm accelerometer
PCB-080A09 Adapter, probe tip with 10-32 connector
PCB-080A17 Adapter, triaxial mounting
IADP064 HVM adapter kit
CCS020 Hard shell carrying case
PSA027 Power supply, 90-264 volt to 12 volt, 1.25 amp
TRP001 Tripod



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