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Larson Davis Blaze Software

Blaze® Software

Windows® based easy to use software for preparing Noise Dosimeter, Sound Level Meter and Human Vibration Analysis reports with detailed analysis. Blaze® software includes a corporation-wide use-license which does not require purchase of individual licenses for each computer.

Blaze®, Windows® based software provides the tools for setup of the Spark series dosimeters and advanced, user-friendly reporting tools.

  •  User friendly
  •   Provides one-page Management Report with both graphical and numerical data
  •  Provides historical reporting and statistical analysis
  •  Can export data to Excel spreadsheets
  •  Can merge records
  •  Can exclude data
  •  Can do "What if" analysis with merged and/or excluded data sets
  •  Can change evaluation parameters without changing underlying raw data
  • Corporate license covers ALL computers using Blaze. No add-on seat licenses needed for multiple locations or users
Larson Davis Noise Dosimeter sample instrument setup screens for noise dosimeters
are shown below followed by sample report screens.
Click on images for higher resolution.

 Blaze Instrument Manager Screens


Noise Dosimeter Instrument Manager Screen

when communications link established. Shows instrument model, serial number firmware version, battery condition, memory available, dosimeter and computer clock settings. Option to sync clocks.

Instrument Manager Screens
Noise Dosimeter Set-Up Page

Instrument contains 4 dosimeters. General instrument settings for all dosimeters are:

Peak unweighted C
Detector F/S
Sample period 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 sec
Individual dosimeters have choice of Exchange rate
Threshold (dB)
Criterion (dB)
Criterion duration (hrs)

Blaxe Instrument Parameter Screen
Noise Dosimeter Timer Set-Up Page

Choice of mode and start/stop times.
Blaxe Timer Setting Page
Noise Dosimeter Manual Control Page

Can control instrument on/off, show live display, lock or unlock keypad and set lock code.
Blaxe Manual Control Page

Noise Dosimeter Download Page

Shows number of records and controls and shows data download process.

Blaze Download Page

Noise Dosimeter Calibration Page

Shows dosimeter serial number, last calibration date, calibration history can be viewed, calibration level and controls calibration process.

Blaze Calibration Page

Blaze Report Generator Screen Shots

Noise Dosimeter General Information Report

Shows dosimeter operating period, settings, dose and projected dose and statistics in concise one page summary.

Blaze Report Generator

Noise Dosimeter Executive Management Report

Suitable for Provides one-page tabular and graphical summary of data. Plot can optionally show Leq, Max, Peak and TWA.

An operator selected reference level can also be inserted.

Blaze Executive Management Report

Noise Dosimeter Detailed Time History Report

Sequential sampling period presentation of selected parameters (L, M, P, TWA) and optional reference level.

Blaze Detailed Time History Report
Noise Dosimeter Statistics (Histogram) Report
Blaze Statistics Report

Noise Dosimeter Condensed Event

Report of events that exceeded operator selected criterion level. Descriptive comments can be added for events.

Blaze Condensed Event Report
Noise Dosimeter Detailed Event Report
Blaze Detailed Event Report


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