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GrayWolf Sensing: Type K thermocouple temperature probes for Zephyr II+ Micromanometers, IAQ Surveyor Meters

Type K - Thermocouple Temperature Probes
For the Zephyr II Micromanometer & IAQ Surveyor Meters

Type K Thermocouple Probes - Models
Temp. Range
Response Time (sec)
TC-301-I Immersion: Standard
Stainless steel sheath resists corrosion for measuring hot liquids, and viscous or granular materials
-110° to 930° F
-80° to 500° C
5.7 in (145mm) 0.12 in (3mm) TC-301-I Immersion: Standard Thermocouple Probe
TC-302-P Penetration: Standard
Stainless steel sheath with pointed tip for measuring rubbers, soft materials and semi-solids.
-110° to 900° F
-80° to 480° C
5.7 in (145mm)
0.16 in (4mm)
TC_302 P Penetration: Standard Thermocouple Probe
TC-302-PL Penetration Long
Stainless steel mico-sheath with pointed tip
-110° to 930° F
-80° to 300° C
TC-302-HY Penetration: Hypodermic
Stainless steel mico-sheath with pointed tip
-110° to 500° F
-80° to 260° C
TC-303-A Air/Gas: Standard
Stainless steel sheath with perforated end. Ideal for HVAC &refrigeration applications.
-110° to 900° F
-80° to 480° C
7.9 in (200mm)
0.16 in (4mm)
TC-303 A Air/Gas: StandardThermocouple Probe
TC-#03-AH Air/Gas: High Temperature
Inconel sheath with perforated end gives fast response and excellent stability when detecting temperatures in corrosive flue gases. With aluminum handle
-112° to 1652° F
-80° to 900° C
13.4 in (340mm)
0.13 in (3.2mm)
TC-303 AH Air/Gas: High Temperature Thermocouple Probe
TC-305-S Surface: Standard
TC-305-SR: Right Angle

Copper disk tip is spring loaded to ensure fast, repeatable surface measurements. 
-110° to 1500° F
-80° to 810° C
3.5 in (90mm)
0.16in (4mm)
TC-305 S Surface: Standard Thermocouple Probe
TC-305-SH Surface: High Temperature
Spring-loaded tip contains the "hot" junction, enabling quick readings. 
-112° to 1652° F
-80° to 900° C
4.0 in (100mm)
0.3 in (8mm)
TC-305 SH Surface: High Temperature Thermocouple Probe
TC-206-SA Surface: Flexible Patch
1 mm PTFE cable, self-adhesive sensor for semi-permanent applications such as pipe work.
-112° to 302° F
-80° to 150° C
0.4 x 0.4 in
(10 x 10 mm)
TC-206 SA Surface: Flexible Patch Thermocouple Probe
TC-206 N Exposed End
1 mm glass insulated cable with exposed end for very fast response time. Similar applications as the 206-NT, but useable at higher temperatures
-110° to 930° F
-80° to 500° C
  TC-206 N Exposed End Thermocouple Probe

Note:  Response times for air/gas probes in 1 m/s flowing air.
Response times for surface probes on smooth aluminum surface.

Type K thermocouple sensors are manufactured using a combination of two alloys (Chromel (Ni-Cr alloy) / Alumel (Ni-Al alloy). The connectors used are the miniature flat spade "Omega" style prongs. The plug by convention is always yellow.

Type K Thermocouple Omega Style Probe Plug Photo

Contact us regarding availability of additional specialty K Thermocouple probes to meet your specific applications.


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