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Pitot Probes for IAQ Surveyor & Zephyr II Instruments

GrayWolf Pitot Probes, Zephyr ll and Zephyr II+ Micromanometers, IAQ Surveyor Meters

Air Flow Pitot Static Probes
GrayWolf - IAQ Surveyor & Zephyr II
Multi-Function Instruments

Pitot Probes For the Zephyr II & IAQ Surveyor Meters
Accurate Airspeed and Volume Flow Measurement

Pitot-static tubes are an accurate way to measure air speed in ducts and for automatic calculation of Volume Flow Rate when used in conjunction with GrayWolf’s Zephyr II, Zephyr II+ or IAQ Surveyor Pro multi-functioninstruments.

Application Specific

GrayWolf supplies a choice of pitot-static tubes designed for ventilation applications.

Choice of Lengths

Pitot-static tubes are available in a wide range of fixed lengths to suit your particular requirements. A versatile 4 stage extendable pitot tube, with leather case, is also offered.

Wide Airspeed & Temperature Range

Available for use over an exceptionally wide air velocity & temperature range: airspeed testing up to 20,000 ft/min (100 m/s), up to 1475°F (800°C).


GrayWolf Pitot Probes For the Zephyr II & IAQ Surveyor

GrayWolf - Surveyor II & Zephyr II
Pitot Static Probes

PIT-229M-12 12"
0.157" (<¼")
PIT-229MM with marking rings 19"
0.315" (>¼")
1472°F (800°C) short term
1256°F (680°C) continuous
PIT-229ML withmarking rings 39"
0.315" (>¼")
1472°F (800°C) short term
1256°F (680°C) continuous
PIT-504-EXT Extension tube for PIT-504 Pitot Tube below 13.0"
PIT-504-KIT Extendable in four stages:

16" (40.5cm) minimum to 55" (138cm) maximum

Easily disassembles to fint into into included PCC-P504 nylon case. Also includes directional pointer, 2" (5cm) protective handle, 69" (175cm) dual tubing and marker

PCC-P504 Nylon Case for Pitot Probes

    590°F (310°C) short term

518°F (270°C) continuous


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